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Galton Blackiston


Galton on Sub-Zero

"I love my Sub-Zero wine storage and refrigeration. Not only are they beautiful, hand-crafted classics; they beautifully preserve my wine and food at the perfect temperature and conditions too."

Galton on Wolf

"My favourite appliance is the CT36G five burner gas cooktop from Wolf because it is uncomplicated and easy to use. It is really simple to fire up and offers the most precise temperature control due to dual stacked, sealed burners which allow you to alternate between different temperatures."

"Whilst I normally have no problems at all using my Wolf appliances, I did have a slight mishap when using the extraction system behind my CT36G five burner gas cooktop whilst trying to fry parsley leaves at the same time. I soon realised my mistake when the parsley leaves all got stuck to the extractor instead of going into the frying pan!"

Galton Blackiston